• “I use the Hot Flash Pillow nightly for those annoying middle of the night awakenings.  What I love about it is it’s soft enough to put on my bare skin, yet cold enough to alleviate my hot flashes instantly.  The Hot Flash Pillow is a life-saver!” –Laura Beso, M.A., L.M.F.T. – Seattle, WA.
  • “I LOVE the pillow. I was a little skeptical before I tried it, but I have to tell you it works great. When I put it around my neck, the hot flash stops almost immediately. Unlike a cold pack that is so cold that it hurts when you use it, the pillow is a comfortable cold and feels really good.” –Cheryl Arteaga, Clinical Scientist – Altadena, CA.
  • “Hot Flash Pillow is not just for hot flashes. As a long distance runner for several decades now, I’m continually experiencing muscular stresses and strains that require icing after a run to reduce swelling and prevent injury. Hot Flash Pillow is far superior to traditional ice packs and gel packs, whose chill is uneven and brief, with the pack often sweating water on my skin. With Hot Flash Pillow, the chill is uniform, lengthy, and dry. The pillow’s flexible shape allows me to apply cold more precisely and thoroughly to aching muscles, while its soft, protective cover allows me to do so without having to place a towel between my skin and a pack to avoid frost burn. I recommend it to any athlete, male or female, looking for a more effective solution to icing injuries.”–Bob B., Exeter, New Hampshire.
  • “My new Hot Flash Pillow has just given me several nights of actual sleep! It’s been forever that I had a good night’s sleep and four in a row is just amazing. I have several small “stuffed with something pillows” meant for the microwave and have re-purposed them to the freezer too. Nothing works as good as yours but is better than nothing while yours is re-cooling. Your pillow is such an amazing idea. The size and heft are perfect. It’s so much better than peas or anything you can get at the drugstore and I have several different types. I just never thought of sleeping with something on my neck/head. It really makes a difference in my outlook on life that I am getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in a long time. Wow.” —Sherry B. Harwin – Yucca Valley, CA.
  • “The pillow and I have been having a regular date across my low back and hip; I love how it doesn’t get so cold that it causes discomfort. Pull it out of the freezer and it is an instant pain-reducer. As someone who has Fibromyalgia, as well as lower back disc issues, I use the Hot Flash Pillow a few times a week. It works great as an alternative to the gel ice-packs, which can get overly cold and are uncomfortable to use. My doctor has been telling me to use ice for years and I just could never make myself do it because a traditional ice-pack is either too cold or not cold enough because I have to wrap it in a towel for it to be bearable. The Hot Flash Pillow feels great right out of the freezer. It has a fleeting moment of too cold and is then wonderful and helps get rid of my pain. While it doesn’t stay as cold for the same amount of time as a gel-pack, I’m only supposed to ice for 20 minutes at a time at any rate. And since the Hot Flash Pillow starts going from cold to cool about then, it works out perfectly. Thank you.” –Yvonne Garcia – Portland, Oregon.
  • “The Hot Flash Pillow is the best investment in comfort that I have made in a long time. I’ve tried other pillow products to control hot flash discomfort, but they needed to be filled with water, eventually had an odor and were generally not comfortable. The Hot Flash Pillow is soft, dry and comfortable on my skin right out of the freezer. I can’t recommend this product enough…… it really does work!” –Laura Ford – Asheville, N.C.
  • “Thanks for coming up with the Hot Flash Pillow. Here’s the thing about hot flashes: if you are having them, you want a way to cool down fast! The Hot Flash Pillow starts working as soon as you drape it on. The pillow is lovely, soft, wonderfully well-made, and I can just keep it in the freezer when not in use. The Hot Flash Pillow captures just the right amount of cold and releases it evenly. For the price of a jar of cream or a packet of pills, I get effective and repeated comfort. Great gift idea, too!” —Phyllis Kaelin, Culver City, CA.
  • “What makes the Hot Flash Pillow so appealing to me is that it is soft, not too heavy to wear on my neck,  and it definitely cooled me down right away. I love the color and that the cold temperature right out of the freezer is not a painful kind of cold. Rather, the Hot Flash Pillow is slow to cool me down in an effective and gentle way. Another plus is there is no unpleasant odor like other cold packs I’ve tried that require freezer storage. This is an amazing addition to comfort care products for hot flashes. I’d highly recommend it. I tried the pillow after heating it in the microwave for a minute thirty seconds and found it was effective for sinus headaches.” —Suzanne Ricci – Malibu, CA.
  • “I am a professional musician and I use the Hot Flash Pillow for icing my hands, neck, and shoulder after playing gigs. I’m surprised at how effective and comfortable this thing is, especially the fact that I can wrap it easily around my hand and it holds the cold for so long. It’s also great to use just to cool down on a hot summer day. I highly recommend this product as it has so many uses.”–GTR, Seattle, WA.